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adding fields to product_listings.php


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I know this is simple but I seem to be simpler!!

I have added http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5421 "7 different views for your product listing table (product_listing.php)"

and it worked great. I have gone on and added further contributions to add attributes and quantity box to the product_listings.php.

Unfortunately the original contribution "7 different views......." only allows me to show 3 fields from the anmin/configeration/product listings page. Therefore I can show say Product name, product price and product image but not buy now or manufacturers name or the new quantities box as well. It all works because as long as i take one off i can replace it with one of the others.

Basically I want it to show

Product name

Product Image

Product Price

Buy now column

but i only get 3 out of 4

It's been 2 days now and i'm beginning to loose the will to live. Please can someone help me?



PS if it's cringingly simple please bear in mind I'm a real newbie and a bit thick!!, so sorry

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