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The e-commerce.

Credit System


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I have to develop a musicstore for a customer, and one of his directives is that the user must be able to purchase content through a credit system.

This means, that a register user can purchase credit through any possible payment method, and then use this credit, to purchase actual content available in the shop.

Is this possible in OsCommerce?

If yes, any tips?

If not, have you got an idea on how to archive this?

Is there any other OS ecommerce platform which supports this?

Eventually, is there a commercial ecommerce platform which supports this?

Thank you for your reply.

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check this http://addons.oscommerce.com/category/Credit_Modules


Otherwise, will u sell cds or mp3 files? Because I'm not sure how secure is download system in oscommerce, so I'm building my own...



Checked that out, but the section, and the module list, completeley lacks of overview...

quite difficult to find what one is looking for, bloody hell.


I'll be selling downloads, mp3 and videos.

Not sure about the video part, yet, if ill be going DRM or not DRM. i'd say drm free, as nobody likes to be blocked, but again, its a poltitical discussion :D


Uhm, so, youre building your own thing.


Get in touch with me.

send me a PM with your skype or msn, or IRC nick, perhaps we can join forces and find something together.

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