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Adjusting all products weight


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Hello, Im somewhat new to osCommerce and I had a Question about products weight. I have about 28,000 Products and each has the weight of 0.00lbs is there a fast way of adjusting the weight? There is just way to many products for me to go thought one at a time. Im trying to get my shipping to be more accurate.


Thanks for your help in advanced!!! :thumbsup:


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Install the contribution easy populate.


Export your catalog as a csv file.


Update the file with the wts it in excel or other editor.


Import it back onto your site.


There are other ways but need a bit more techie knowledge

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Are these products already in your store? Are these the only products in your store?

Do you have and know how to use any database manager, such as one that may be supplied to your account by your web host?


Using the SQL code below on your database will change EVERY weight to 0.00

update products set products_weight = '0.00'

I suggest that you test first by changing only one row and doublechecking. And don't forget to BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP.

update products set products_weight = '0.00' LIMIT 1

For ALL problems, please review this link first -> osCommerce Knowledge Base

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