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US vs Int pricing


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I have a customer that needs to present different item pricing for US vs non-US customers. I have the forced login mod working so that I can tell who is looking/buying. I was looking for community input on the best way to do this. I currently am attempting to have 2 currencies, USD and USD/Int. USD is 100%, USD/Int is 99%. This gives international buyers a 1% markup. I need to figure out how to force non-US countries to see the USD/Int currency and US customers to see the USD currency and this approach should work.


The other option is the SPPC mod. Any better ways of doing this?



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Well, not completely sure how it'd work without trying to code it but couldn't you just set $currency after login?


So you have USD in currencies with value=1.00000 and, probably, an id of 1. Then USD/Int with a value of whatever 1.00000 - (1.00000 * 1%) is and an id of 2. So when it processes the login and determines the us/non-us stuff, have it set $currency to 1 or 2 respectively.


You probably have to make sure Switch to Default Language Currency is set to false in My Store configuration and see if/how it would play with the currency code in application_top.php, but maybe something like this in the login code:

 if (non-US customer){
 $currency = 2;
} else {
 $currency = 1;


or something like that

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