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Urgent help reqd. with paymate india mobile payments


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Dear people,

I require urgent help with integrating paymate (india) mobile payments... details below



Payment procedure

Online Payment:

1. Customer shops on the merchants website and proceeds to check-out to make the payment

2. On the payment page he chooses PayMate as his payment option

3. The customer is transported to a screen where he chooses the payment mode as PayMate

4. On submitting the same, the merchant server forwards required parameters to PayMate (Refer

Annexure 1.1)

5. PayMate checks if the mobile number belongs to a registered PayMate customer

o If not registered, customer is taken back to the merchants page with a note that he his not a

registered PayMate user (same communicated to the mobile number via SMS by PayMate)

o If registered, the customer is transported to a ‘Pending’ page with further instructions (Refer

Annexure 1.1)

6. PayMate sends the customer an SMS telling him that the merchant wishes to charge him Rs. X

(transaction amount). To authorize payment the customer needs to reply to that SMS in a specific

format i.e. PAY <ALPHA CODE> <M-PIN>

o The ‘Alpha Code’ is a dynamic 3 character code randomly generated for that particular

transaction, as an added security measure (hard coded in the SMS)

o M-PIN is a 4-digit security PIN given to customer at the time of registering for PayMate

7. The customer replies to the SMS in the prescribed format. After validation of Alpha Code and MPIN,

the bank instantly debits the customers account and updates PayMate of the same

8. PayMate updates the merchant server of the payment status i.e. payment successful or declined

and for what reasons (Refer Annexure 1.2)

9. Merchant accordingly shares the information on the customers screen (Refer Annexure 1.2 & 2)

10. Simultaneously PayMate also sends a confirmation of the same to the customer via SMS with a

unique transaction ID for reference

o This transaction ID is shared between customer, merchant and PayMate




Annexure 1.1 (Online)

To initiate the transaction you are require to pass the parameters given in the table below to the


URL:- https://secure.paymate.co.in/Default.aspx.

POST Parameters required to be sent to the above link

Field Name Value Description

Orderid 8 digit order id. Required to initiate the


All 8 digits MUST be digit 0 – 9

Amount A non negative decimal value required which

should be greater than zero value.

Mer_username Username will be given by PayMate at

registration time. This will not change unless

PayMate changes it, in such case PayMate will

contact you.

Mer_refno Reference no is alphabetic and will be given by

Paymate. This will not change unless Paymate

changes it, in such case Paymate will contact


Mobileno (OPTIONAL) Any valid mobile no all Indian country code

(91) will be acceptable. Any malformed mobile

number WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Only valid

numbers from valid Indian Mobile operators

will be accepted. Hence any tampering of

number like 5555588888 combinations will be




Following is the sample code for connecting to PayMate. Please feel the required value in the value field.




<form name="frm1" method="post" action="https://secure.paymate.co.in/default.aspx">


<input type="hidden" name="amount" value="">


<input type="hidden" name="mer_username" value="">


<input type="hidden" name="mer_refno" value="">


<input type="hidden" name="orderid" value="">


<input type="submit" value="Submit" name="Pay">







this is what is mentioned in the integration kit.... somebody please tell me how i should integrate it with my osc cart

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