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The e-commerce.

New accounts from Australia not accepted


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Hi Guys

Need some help.

New accounts from Australia not accepted.

Error is on State/Province.

If you enter an Australian state eg Victoria it returns an error ?required?

If you enter a USA address then no problem.


If you would like to test it here is the site link





A typical address would be

100 collins street

Melbourne (City and Suberb)




If you are going to test submit then type in ?help? in the ?company name? box


Looking forward to your comments

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I have only just downloaded the files and set up a test site on local host today. But I think if you got othe db table'zones' and add the states in there you should be good to go.


In fact if it were me (and it will be soon) and I was just doing an australian centric site I would zap all the USA state info. Last thing I need is a drop down box with 50+ states in it.


Give it a go and see what happens. If no good you can always remove the table entry. Easy if your using phpmyadmin.



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Hey guys,

Adrian is right with regards to the zones being the issue.

If the state you enter is valid for the country you select, the 'required' error will occur. The error you are receiving is due to the 'state' field of the zones table for Australia being empty. Doesn't matter what you enter for the state, it will always return an error while the field is empty.


What you need to do is download Steve Kemp's 'World Zone' contribution and insert it into your 'Zones' table.

(Full instructions are included in download).


World Zones



As for Adrians idea of 'zapping' all the US states info... my question is WHY?

I'm building an Ausralian oriented site too... and will only be shipping to Australian addresses until CC fraud is improved, but I would still like to give all users the option of registering with the site regardless of their origin.


Hope this helps,


"The price of success is perseverance. The price of failure comes much cheaper."

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Hi Guys

Back again.

I have dowloaded the world zones contribution but cant seem the find the "zones table contents" to insert them.

Total Amateur , but trying

Can someone point me in the right direction



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Are you using phpMyAdmin?

Most people I know use this, so I'll provide the instructions for it.


Adding 'World Zones' to osCommerce.

What you need to do is open phpMyAdmin and select your osCommerece database from the dropdown box located in the top left hand corner.

Once you select your database, the page will refresh and you will have a long list of tables down the left hand side of your screen and more details about them in the middle/right hand side.

Scroll down LEFT hand column until you see the table 'zones' (most likely the second last table).

Once the page refreshes again, you will see a newscreen appear in the middle/right section of the screen.

At the top of the screen you will see the following options:

[ Browse ] [ Select ] [ Insert ] [ Empty ] [ Drop ]


Click on [ Empty ].

A prompt will appear asking, 'Do you really want to : DELETE from table 'zones', click 'Ok'


Your screen will refresh again, and you'll see a new section at the top of your screen: DELETED ROWS: ###


Now that you've emptied your 'zones' table of all it's data, it's time to enter the new data, which includes the Australian states you're after... along with states/providences for the rest of the world.


Open the 'World Zones' zip file you downloaded.

Open the file 'world_zones.sql'

Select ALL the data from within the 'world_zones.sql' file and paste it to your phpMyAdmin screen in the following section.


If you scroll down your phpMyAdmin screen a little you will see the following:



Print view

Run SQL query/queries on database store [Documentation] :


Show this query here again


Or Location of the textfile :






In the larger TEXT BOX, delete the information already in there (probably 'SELECT * FROM `zones` WHERE 1') and paste the data you copied from the 'world_zones.sql' file, then click the [Go] button.


Once your screen refreshes, you will hopefully see 'Your SQL-query has been executed successfully' and a HUGE list of states (sorted by countries).

That's it, you now have the updated World Zones table.


Hope this helps,


"The price of success is perseverance. The price of failure comes much cheaper."

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I had that same problem when I inadvertantly doubled up every aus zone when i squirted the wrong file into mysql. Perhaps check also that you have only one set of aus states as well =)



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