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Need help with my website PLEASE

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I have been working on my store and need a little bit more assistance. This is my first website and I am new to every area so I am looking for a step by step answer if possiable. I have read tons of information but can not find the areas that people are referring too or do not understand the words being used.


Here is my store as is;




I need help with the following;


1. Changing the oscommerce banner to mine on top left side. Currently mine is sitting in the banner manager section (admin/catalog/tools/banner manager).


2. I was making some changes and adding information ie:shipping etc but came across a error I must have made and is now showing BOX_INFORMATION_CONDITIONS instead of just conditions. Can I delete this ? If so How ?


3. When I tried to go through the process of add to cart it worked fine but when I click on the check out it get the following message; Can not display page ? Can someone tell me what I diid wrong ??


4. Is there a way to change the color of the general oscommerce template ?


5. Where exactly do I go to remove the pictures for my account, cart contents ,etc.


I know that these questions have been asked a billion times but I am very new to the website technical stuff and would really appreciate feedbck from someone who has their webite up and running and can walk me through the steps. I am a quick learner when directed to the area;s.


Thank you so much in advance.

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Try asking fewer questions at any one time to get help on the forums.


1. To change the logo just upload a new one called oscommerce.gif to the images folder.


2. Edit includes/languages/english.php and put back the text you removed for the conditions page in the 'information' box entries.


3. You enabled full ssl without having a full ssl certificate. Set enable_ssl to false in both configure.php files.


4. Too big a question to answer here - this is stuff you'll have to learn. There's a good book called "Deep Inside osCommerce: The Cookbook" by Monika Mathé which you'll find invaluable.


5. Quickest way is to make transparent gif images, name them after the images you want to replace and upload them via FTP. For example: images/header_account.gif - otherwise you have to remove the code in includes/header.php



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