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remove tables around boxes


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I've done a couple of searches primarily for new contentbox and had a quick browse through the basics for design thread under tips and tricks (ain't half long though!) and couldn't really find the answers I was looking for.


Basically, every box i'm trying to edit has tables wrapped around it, generally this doesn't cause to many problems except in regards the source being untidy, but other times, such as now, it is, as I want to wrap the latest products in ul's and li's bit its still got the table around it.


It's pretty obvious that this stort of stuff is coming from "new contentBox($info_box_contents);" and linking in with align, param and text but where is this defined?


Every single box has this new contentBox command and i'm guessing if I knew the one place where it was defined I could remove the tables around every box, which would do me a world of good, but alas I can't find it anywhere.


Any help would be much appreciated, apologies if this has been asked a few times, I would presume it has, its certainly ruffled my feathers, but I guess the keywords i've been searching with haven't quite matched up to those used by others asking the same question.


Cheers, Rob

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