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HELP! Default page fine, products get 500 Error...


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GRRRRRR!!! Here I was, all proud of myself for having figured out how to make each one of my boxes different. I'd gotten my homepage CLOSE to looking how I want it to look.


I go to click on a product from the default page, and all of a sudden I'm getting these 500 Internal Server Errors.


I can get to pages like Login, and Shopping Cart, but product pages generate the 500 error, and when I tried to use the Manufacturers dropdown, it took me to a page with the error:

Error! Unable to determine the page link


Any ideas what I might have messed us? Those pages were working fine until about a half hour ago (I think). Would someone be willing to take a look? I would seriously cry if the last 3 days of modifications had to be overwritten with the original files!!



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URL, sure, duh! Sorry 'bout that:






P.S. I have kept copies of all the original files of course, but not really enough time has passed for me to have zipped up working ones so I can go back to a previous version. It's been just 2 days of constant trial and error. Otherwise, I'd gladly do that!!!

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so first off, it looks like you have one to many /catalog/ in your path. If you meant to do this on purpose ok, but the configuration of your server must also know this. For example, if you uploaded this product and did not put the extra /catalog/ in the path when you uploaded the product to tell the server where the images are, this will result in a 404. Your configuration is supposed to be like this:


www.myserver.com/catalog/default.php <--I have no idea what results you'll get with default.pcgi or how this affects the php. So now everthing in the . directory and the ./catalog/ directory are made to be relative:





So when you look for something about mary's pic, it goes



except your server has it under:



Try that. Like I said, I don't know about pcgi and I've actually never seen that extension for a default page on osCommerce.


Copy and paste a copy of your configure.php (remove the important info, such as the mysql username and password and anything else sensitive before you do) if you still have problems.

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AH! Yes, I just turned Search Friendly URL's on a couple of hours ago!


Up until then, the pages all worked GREAT. Let me go turn that off and see if it fixes things!

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THANK YOU LINDA!!!!! (sorry to be yelling, but I was SO worried)!


Turning that off definitely fixed things! I guess I'll just wait until that feature is no longer in development ;-)


Whew, I feel a lot better now!



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