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Test Install with 'Pre-Stocked' Store - how?


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This is driving me nuts, lol.


The very FIRST time I installed OSCommerce (thru Fantastico), I went through the setup and enabled 2 of the PayPal Payment Types, with "sandbox" checked. When I was all done, OSC had setup a "pre-stocked" store with some dummy items that I could order, and pay for through the sandbox accounts of mine at PayPal.


I played a bit, then deleted the install (again, thru Fantastico).


When I next installed OSC, try as I might I could NOT get the "pre-stocked" store to show up. I've uninstalled, cleaned out the directory completely (down to just the cgi-bin dir), everything I could think of.


I've tried searching here, but I'm not even sure what search terms to use. "sandbox" produced hundreds of results. so I figured I'd try a post.


(And if this *IS* in the documentation, kindly point out the section.)


Thanks in advance.

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OK, this is crazy. Just like when you take your car to the mechanic and it behaves perfectly...


I installed ONE MORE TIME.... and the "pre-stocked" store was there!


Argh... ok, WHAT controls this? What parameters do you have to setup for this to supply a "dummy inventory" vs an "empty store"??

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Anyone have the answer to this? Although I thought the "pre-stocked" store was missing during a subsequent install, it appears it was there after all.




When you do a fresh install, is a "dummy inventory" provided in all case (and it's up to you to empty it before going "live")?


Or is that somehow dependant on your choices for Payment methods?



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