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Footer Date


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This is probably a very easy question but i cant find out how to change this:


in the footer there is a date (february, march and days like monday, tuesday etc) but how can i change these names into my own language (dutch) because it didnt change when i installed the languagepack so maybe it needs to be done somewhere in the codes?


If someone could help me out with this or send me in the right direction, thanks in advance!

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Believe this is a php thing rather than osc.


Have not seen a solution to this one yet.

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probably.. or a contribution i havent found yet but i see it on so many shops.. so it cant be like rocketsience but maybe someone who knows can help me out.. ?




at the bottom of the explanation for the date() function is the comment:

To format dates in other languages, you should use the setlocale() and strftime() functions instead of date().


you'd need to figure out the locales for the language(s) you're using then call setlocale() - probably in the constructor for the includes/classes/language.php class - which is called from application_top.php. then change the date() function call in footer.php to use the strftime() as appropriate. and if you're going to do this, you might as well change it for all the other occurances of date(), such as when creating invoices/packing slips, etc. so everything is consistent.


that should be enough to get you started at least. i hope that helps.

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