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The e-commerce.

URGENT HELP please - shop didn't send order notification email to me.


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I received a Paypal payment for an order <_< in my email box, from a customer, but my website didn't send me the email stating the items purchased.

There were no details of what was purchased on the Paypal notice either.




(I know I can email her and ask her, but how embarrasing would that be???)


I checked in my set up, and checked for the /reply email/ and it is there.


Can anyone help me please?


my website is Visit My Website


any speedy help will be very much appreciated!

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For the more technical you could look in the database or in the admin area under customers there is an option orders.


Have you ever got an email acknowledgement?


Are you using the basic paypal module which is renown for this "feature" or using the paypal ipn module which works?

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Did you make a dummy order to make sure your checkout is working?


It may be something simple as a customer ordering "without an account" I find that sometimes a customer just orders through Paypal using my email address which is clearly stated on my website.


This does tend to cause some confusion. It did the first time it happened. I thought there was something wrong with my checkout.


You may also want to check if the customer is registered. Sometimes they purchase "without an account" by doing this, you wouldnt receive the email and you have to email the customer to find out what they ordered.


They just assume you have your Chrystal Ball plugged in! Drop them a line letting them know next time they should register and be logged in.


Purchasing without an account is easy when using Paypal. Best to pop a little clause on your website mentioning they must register and be logged in as you will not be responsible for purchases made without an account. To hard to keep track.


Anyway, just something to think about.



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