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I am updating a clients website and they have previously been using OS-Commerce .. somehow during updating the site several OS-C files (not sure how many) have been deleted/corrupted. The database appears to be OK. What's the recommended recovery action - if I reinstal OS-C will I lose the clients data. Any help greatly appreciated

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Simple solution is to backup the db and copy onto your pc.


At least you have a copy of the data.


Unfortunately a straight reinstall will only give you a vanilla installation, were there any contributions installed?


Is installation same version as currently as db design changes between releases.


Custom changes?





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Unfortunately I have no experience of OS-C at all, that part of the site already existed. The original programmer has been emailed but is not responding.


After a (very) brief look at the installation procedure I wondered if the following would work:

1. on my own machine (which has MySQL), create a database with identical database name/user/password as the site version

2. install OS-C on my own machine

3. overwrite the site version with the installation from my machine


If all the client data is held in the database then that sounds possible - but as I say I have no knowledge of OS-C so am not sure if anything is held outside of the DB at all.


There is nothing 'special' that I can see other than shopping cart (site is a bookshop)

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