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The e-commerce.

Can i have 2 different prices show in shop ? and calculate the 2 sell prices in admin ?


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I need to show two different prices in my shop, one only to show, the other with a shopping cart.

It´s like " Shop price = 105 € " and " Internet price = 99 € ".

If the customer goes to shop pay 105 €, if he buy from internet shop, he pay 99 €.

But better is in admin we put a cost price and with a formula ( or not ) automatically calculate the shop price and the net price.

Normally we go to supplier site or phone and see or receive their pricelists. After in excel or similar we calculate our margins and make the final price.

If we can make all of this process in admin of osc, put the cost prices and calculate the shop and the internet prices, it´s much better.

If any can help me ...





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I'm not completely clear on what you're asking for, but there is a Separate Price Per Customer contribution (SPPC) and also a contribution that allows you to enter in the wholesale cost that you paid for the product. The product cost then allows you to calculate your profit.



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