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Paypal IPN, Whch One To USe


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I have one site that for some reason the paypal orders do not come through?? I get payment of course, but no orders. I guess the solution is to use Paypal IPN module, but which one do I use, the one that is installed currently (I am using MS2.2 RC1), or is there a better contribution? Any suggestion would be helpful.


Also by using Paypal IPN, does this for the customer to return to the site so order is transmitted?


Thanks JR

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I have an RC2 shop and have it setup to use the Paypal Website Payments standard. If that's an option in RC1 you can use that as it does have an IPN feature. You need to setup in your paypal account the IPN callback and the autoreturn URL to make it work as others do. The Paypal Website Payments standard by default uses the main feature of other IPN's by storing the info before a customer is sent to paypal, but the customer still needs to click back to your store in order for an e-mail to be sent. That's why you need to setup the auto return url to your checkout_success.php page. You can also set the IPN url to the url of the paypal_ipn.php in the very last folder of the ext/ folder found in the root of your catalog. The IPN file will update the order status, while the checkout_success.php will send the e-mail.


In other contributions the IPN file does both so it's not necessary to have the user return to the site at all, but I did have a few problems using other paypal ipn contributions with my rc2 shop but that same contribution works fine on my ms2.2 shop.

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