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Site Timing Out


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Hi there,


My Clients's site has gone totally haywire after running fine for months. When they go to confirm their order it times out. Of course, everyone blames me for it event though I havent touched it for a couple months and that was so change the html front page and the drop downs on the header file.


So three things are basically happening...


1. Sale goes through.... She gets email from authorize.net about the sale. But no email from the web site. Some orders are custom and she has to call them. No record of the sale in the adim.


2. they get a 404 and they are charged they hit the go back button and do it again. Hince the client is being charged twice.


3. the page hangs for ever and they keep hitting the submit button and they are being charged over and over each time they hit to confirm.



So my client is loosing sales and money buy doing all these refunds. I know the hosting has been doing changes to their servers and btw... dont use Ipower ever for anything!!! I need some help here and is this really an oscommerce issue like the hosting and authorize say or is it the crappy hosting? we are going to change hosting.


in the mean time i need to disable the comfirm order button once they click it for that order. she has like 200.00 in fees for refunds in the pass week.


Pretty please some help from you wonderful people (kisses but royally)

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I seem to remember a post not so long ago about authorize.net changing their systems.

Try a search on the topic and see if it is what is happening to your customers site.



thanks I will look this up... Still happening :(

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