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osCommerce with Paypal Express (UK)


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Recently I've setup an online shop with osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a and find difficulties on payment with Paypal Website Payments Pro (UK) Express Checkout. It come up with an error message "Error: Payment module configuration error. Please verify the login crendentials" when I hit "Checkout with Paypal" button.

My account setting as below


Version 1.0 (online status)

Enable Paypal Express Checkout (UK)



[email protected]


[email protected]





Transaction Server


Transaction Method


Payment Zone


Set Order Status


Sort order of display


cURL Program Location



I was tried to reinstall my osCommerce and even test on my local machine and problem is same. I've no idea is that my setting problem or osCommerce module problem. I am totally no stuck over on it. Hope anybody can help me to solve this problem. It would be greatly appreciation. Thanks! :'(

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Hi ,


Do you have an API certificate installed?

If not you will probably have to get one from paypal.

Go to your account and click on Profile>API

You will need a premier or business account to qualify for a certificate.

Once you apply it takes about maybe five minutes to get a certificate if that long.

Download the certificate and install in the proper place in your particular configuration.

I created a Cert file in Admin and put it in there for extra security.


Then change the code ( it is different for each configuration since all people do things differently) on your payment page to access it and transfer the sale to paypal. It will probably involve inserting a path to the certificate.


Please note: A PayPal button is Required to actually operate the payment system.

The button MUST be hosted at paypal itself for it to work properly at least thats what they tell me. :rolleyes:


I'm still learning too and I only know all of this because I've spent the last three days at paypal trying to solve my own errors with the PayPal Express Module on this side of the pond. :thumbsup: :rolleyes:


OH, yes, I almost forgot silly me. BOTH paypal modules MUST be installed for the PayPal Express module to actually work. I was having two errors similar to the one your having until I found that one out. They haven't answered my question here either, which is how I found all of this out.

I've got it boiled down to one error now and I'm still working on that one but it's progress!


I hope some of this helps!




Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much - Friendship Is The Wine Of Life

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much - Friendship Is The Wine Of Life

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Thanks jwessa1, it's working after I'd applied API and used on Paypal Express Checkout!

It's greatly appreciate your kindly help. :thumbsup:


are you able to log into manager.paypal.com with those details listed above?






Thanks John as well. ! :thumbsup:

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