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The e-commerce.

Installing 2.2rc2a on server with an active online shop already running


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Quick question, probably already know the answer but...

I'll be installing 2.2rc2a on a server that already has an active online shop(not oscommerce) running from the public_html directory, now if i install oscommerce in the recommended catalog folder also under public_html.

1) Will my active shop be affected? or not because oscommerce is in a folder called catalog, and unless the browser is looking at www.mysite.com/catalog it won't even know its there?

2) Once i get the new oscommerce install all set up and configured the way I want can I then rename the catalog folder to public_html, over write my old crappy site and be able to see the oscommerce site from www.mysite.com?


I know its a noob question so I hope I won't get flammed to bad.

Thanks for any help you people may have.

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No flames just becasue they are 'noob' questions, just exasperation due to the same questions being answered regularly because people do not bother to search these several hundred thousand posts to find if an answer already exists.


And you have the right idea, as long as your current site does not already include a 'catalog' directory. You will have to re-edit the configure.php files once you have moved everything into their final positions.

For ALL problems, please review this link first -> osCommerce Knowledge Base

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