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Easy Top-Category Driven Stylesheets


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I have just added "Easy Top-Category Driven Stylesheets" from Monika's osCommerce Cookbook. It was easy and it works fine, it's just that my categories seems to be all over the place. I have 6 categories but by checking the URL I found out that my Cat 1 has cPath:3, my cat 2 has cPath:56, my cat 3 has cPath:88, my cat 4 has cPath:87, my cat 5 has cPath:56 and my my Cat 6 has cPath:1


????????? Shall I change this and if so, how do I change it? Or shall I just write a very long cat_driven_stylesheets.php with 88 cases? There are sub-categories under all these categories (last product count:853)


Hope you can help me with this

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I do not know anything about that contribution - most times when you install a contribution and have problems you should look for the support topic concerning the contribution. Hopefully the person 'Monica' would have listed this somewhere on the download page or in the install text included with the contribution..


But if you decide to try and change the catagorie_id you will need to do this in the database. That would be in the table categories and products_to_categories.


Sometimes this can be daunting -

You could write a query that would do this a lot better and less chance of mistakes.

First you should create a backup copy of your database - if you have access to a test server create another backup database for practice. Write a query that would identify each category_id in the tables 'categories' and 'products_to_categories'. I believe that is the two you would need - you will need to check the column 'parent_id' for each category in the table 'categories' - make sure those are right as well.


Run the query and edit as needed.


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