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Options as Links (With NO Contribution)


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OK, here's an easy way to have an option as a link to another html or php page where you can create MANY images with item/part numbers and lay it out as you like. Then the customer can simply pick that part number from the normal attribute drop down menu on the product preview page while comparing with the part/size #'s on the separate page you created. You can also make the option as an image link that will also open the separate page.

NOTE: Please do not mess with your database if you're not really comfortable doing so. I myself did this on a test store and had nothing to loose.

I use phpmyadmin for this:

-Go into your database and find "products_options" and double left click to highlight it.

-Click the "structure" tab above.

-Put a check in "products_options_name, and then click on the edit (pencil icon) directly under.

-Find "length/Values" and enter a high number. I used 300. (This will be the number of allowable fonts for which you can title the option, as you'll see ahead)

-Click Save (it will return to the previous page)

-Now click the browse tab above and check the name of the option that you want to have/be the link. Then click the edit (pencil icon) next to it.

-For the products_options_name: VALUE, enter the following:

1)to make the option a simple link in itself,

<a href="ENTER TARGET LINK" target="_blank">ENTER OPTION NAME</a>

2)to make the option an image,

<a href="ENTER TARGET LINK" target="_blank"><img src="ENTER IMAGE LOCATION" alt="ENTER OPTION NAME"></a>

(with an image, you can also add the option's name before or after the <a href>. This is a good idea as it gives the option a name in your orders and confirmations)

-Then click Go.

You're done! (well then again, you do have to create that separate page)

Note 1: make sure to put the source image (if using one) in catalog/images, but in the <a href>, only make the path images/your image.jpg

Note 2: make sure to put the html or php page under catalog, and the path "page.htm or page.php" only.

The reason you cannot do this in the admin/product attributes section is because of the limitation of fonts for an option title.

Hope this helps some of you.

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