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Getting images loaded


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Hi all,


I'm relatively new to osCommerce and have been trying to build a new store this week, but I'm having a very trying time with getting any images loaded properly. Allow me to explain my setup: I work from a PC at my desk which is not the web server or database machine. I do have ssh putty windows opened to both of those machines as well as a Firefox browser with a pair of tabs opened, one to the store in general and the other logged in as an admin. Now, I can successfully create new categories, products, etc., every one of which requires a cute little image, which I can't seem to get loaded automatically. It appears that the web form only looks for the image locally, but if I give it a local name, it doesn't upload it to the web server. I've also tried pre-copying the image to web server and manually placing it in the appropriate subdirectory under images, but since the web form doesn't look there, it happily writes a NULL value everytime to the appropriate *_image field in the database. In any event, I consistently have to log into the database and perform a manual UPDATE of the appropriate table and set the image name by hand. Very frustrating when you have several hundred products to input under a several dozen different category designations.


Now, I haven't yet looked at the code responsible (my bad), but I've been trying get the store up and running. but the questions are: Is this the way it's supposed to be? Did nobody ever consider that the web server may not even have its own monitor or keyboard? Do I have something broken?




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