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The e-commerce.

Urgent Help is needed


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I cannot access my website


The error message is, what should I do please help


The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.gbn.ge/


The following error was encountered:


Unable to determine IP address from host name for www.gbn.ge


The dnsserver returned:


Server Failure: The name server was unable to process this query.


This means that:


The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.

Check if the address is correct.


Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Generated Wed, 16 Apr 2008 13:12:47 GMT by proxy.geonet.ge (squid/2.6.STABLE19)

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I can pull up http://www.gbn.ge/ just fine. I think your site is still resolving to your new server. If you just made DNS changes they can take 24 hours to resolve to the new server.


I use Open DNS when changing servers as then I see the change works immediately and not have to panic for a day wondering if I did things correctly.

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No it is not DSN error I think


because I did not move my website


I was testing this script on www.fx-sys.com separate domain which is on ixwebhosting.com but could not solve two problem php files error in admin files and language problem, database is in UTF8 but there is problem with unicode


gbn.ge was not moved, I think it was servage another surprize for me, who know now the site is back to normal but it really scared me

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