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'manual' order entry


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Is there a way for me to add an order manually, i.e. without a customer going through the checkout process?


I sell items both on and off the website and would like to use the same database to track orders, sales, etc.



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Hi Robert,


Is there a way for me to add an order manually, i.e. without a customer going through the checkout process?


I don't know if this would be the answer, but if you set up a user specifically for yourself, and then when ordering goods in the comments section right at the end, you could put details of your client name etc... You can always add new addresses to your address book so that the delivery address would appear to be your clients.


As I said I don't know if this is the solution for you but it may work.


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hhmm. I think that could work. Would I not have to go through the checkout process though?


I suppose in the end I could create my own php pages to edit the database, but I'm trying to avoid that for the moment :-)

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Sorry Robert


you would have to still go through the checkout process, and I'm not sure what system you are using for payment etc... but you may wish to install or activate a payment option of COD or check/money order for the time that you need to get your order online, then you should be ok.


You can then process the order without having to key in any credit card details and therefore having to force payment on to yourself.


Remembering of course after the order is processed to deactivate any payment options that you have activated previously.



Hope this helps


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  • 4 months later...

Could someone please post a simple contribution that allows us to manually input both an order and a customer through the admin. I've looked at all of the supposed 'manual entry' contributions and they offer way too many unnecessary features and are fairly complicated to install into a heavily modified cart.





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yeah that "manual order entry" should really be renamed. It is misleading. the "manual order entry" is a very small part of that contrib. It contains many other features and addons that some don't need.


I'm looking for just a simple manual order entry too. Guess I'll have to code something up myself or pull the actual manual entry part out of that contrib.

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing

- Edmund Burke

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  • 4 weeks later...

i am looking for that very thing, i couldnt be more upset that i got most of that stinking module running and the only part i need (the manual order part) is the part that i cannot get working.. im so frustrated, i wish that contribution allowed me to install only that part of it.... uugh




Or of another way to create manual orders on customers behalf...


I am trying to use this as a type of POS system and i could really use the help.


Thank you

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i have seen this community come together over something as simple as the color of css drawn boxes..


That is why i have been a reader of the OSCommerce community since before i was born, im begging , make that , pleading...


for someone out there, a great php-minded-contribution-writing-fancy-know-it-all-smartypants to come and write us a simple manual order entry system..


It would make me a hero at my company, and the ladies like heros!! :wink:


Seriously though, i would absolutely be thrilled if someone just told me how to glue 3 sticks together and add some milk, if i knew it would allow me to log in as admin and apply a manual order to a customer....




to all those out there who want to thrill someone*.... im waiting*


*(ignore any potentially immature comebacks that might posses you)


I appreciate this community, it has helped me through tough times, thank you for your suport.



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I think one of the main hurdles of you not getting many replies is that you don't specify what exactly you want.


i.e. how does the operator select products to be added, will the user have an account created - if so - will he require a valid email. What checkout elements are required and so forth.


It is further complicated that everyone's store is different so some people would want gift vouchers, some people will want the stock to be depleted where others will not.


etc etc ...


My point being it is unlikely that someone will go away and spend an hour or so coding a solution that isn't useful. Since this would probably take about 3 hours for a competant programmer you might consider putting together a spec and putting your post in commercial help if you really need the solution.

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I completely understand your point, but my post has more to do with the fact that there are alot of people here wanting this type of functionality in this community, i am not the only one.


I definately want to see this type of contribution for the community, the issue i have is that there is a plug-in called, "manual order entry" that includes just under 1000 options and only one of those is the real "manual order entry" function.


The concept of a manual ordering system is something that should be found in ANY ecomerce application, it should come standard toward the accounting side of the application.


I will most likely pay for this development regardless since i see the many posts for this option have gone (for the most part) unnoticed.


I am not lying about what i said before, i truly appreciate this community, you have all helped me at one time or another through your struggles and victories.


I just think in the end, a Manual Ordering System Plug-in would alleviate many pains and confusions for quite a few of these developers, and in regard to the palmsandgardens guy (sorry if i got the name wrong) i have to say, your contribution is well intended and much appreciated, but i absolutely cry out for you to develop a module that is a simple "Manual Order Entry" without all that other stuff.


These developers are asking for this type of solutions, im asking on their behalf for someone to develop this functionality. Surely there is someone who knows what we are asking for:


1. Allow admin to choose an existing customer/new customer

2. system then believes that user is actuall customer

3. admin fills cart/checkout as that user

4. brings back to admin section.


This is the major functionality i and most of these developers need in OSCommerce, if open source is run by the masses then this is who i must appeal to in asking for this module.


Thank you for reading this long post, i hope you wont find my run-on sentences and mis-spellings offensive, as it is .... 2 in the morning.



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I think that part of the reason you are not getting the respose you want is you are not asking for the correct service. I think what you are looking for is more a Point-of-Sale type contribution if you are looking to run retail like sales through the system. I worked for several weeks trying to get MERCATOR which is an opesource POS system written in JAVA to be functional to control a bar / nightclub business. I finally got it to run but couldn't easily administer anything in it. It was however more what you are looking for. Now if you could find a way to merge the mercator front end into the oscommerce db you would really have something. I also think I have seen or heard of somebody having a Quickbooks module that links to oscommerce. Those 3 items combined would be a very excellent and easy to use complete business management and control system.

Wish I could code well I would try to write one. I am sure someone out there actually has one in development. Just give them some time.



"The man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." James Joyce (1882?1941)

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im attempting to get this done through a developer as we speak, i hope my costs will not be too high, but this is open source, if we all believe that we can get something for nothing then our businesses are all doomed from the start.


Im not in any way complaining about the current state of the contributions, moreso i was attempting to shine a light that seems to be rather needed on an area such as this that many developers and users of oscommerce have asked for.


If you do a search in these forums for "manual entry" or just "maual" you will find others confused and wanting this type of function as well..


My goal in starting this post was truly to find a developer out of the woodwork that can contribute such a plug-in to ths community..


Thank you for your response, i agree with you.... i am looking forward to the future of oscommerce as an application.



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We have been tossing this around since P&G decided to have us pay for the most recent update to the Manual Order Entry and Shipping mod. Unfortunately, we (some of the osC community) have not really gotten very far in making their buggy version v.07 more stable.


We are working on it and hopefully soon will get our act together. I will start to work on it next week as I need to put it into my store.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I completely understand your point,  but my post has more to do with the fact that there are alot of people here wanting this type of functionality in this community, i am not the only one.




add me to the list! :D

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I am needing this functionality and want to ask for someone to develop it, i will pay for this functionality.


Currently my company can go somewhere between $50-$100 but this is dependant on spec....




This contrib would really be helpful...


Thanx for your interest in this topic..

keep me posted :lol:

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as i re read these posts i think i see that the needs for this functionality is a little vague.. so i will attempt to push out how i see this module looking:


1. admin logs in

2. chooses "Manual Order Entry"

3. chooses from drop down of customers what customer he needs to represent and chooses "Customer A"

4. (optionally also can create a new user)

5. system then logs in -in a new window- the admin as through he is "Customer A"

6. from this window, the oscommerce just thinks that "Customer A" is buying and treats this session like a standard customer order session.

7. after checkout you just close the window and you are back in the admin section as before.


I hope this helps... when i look at this idea, i see the major coding would be only to mask the admin as a user .... perhaps this can be done through a cookie? i have no idea, but i just want to make sure we all dont go off creating more than most of us need.....


looking froward to your responses!!



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That's exactly what P&G's manual order entry system does. You can just remove all the other features you don't want from there admin infobox and keep manual entry. If you're offering $50 to $100 for the system, you may as well spend $50 with P&G and get theirs. That's the one part of their solution that works with no bugs.



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when i try to install it, the only part that does not work correctly IS the manual order entry..


I would love to use that tool, but im sad because i have absolutely 0 ability to get it to run...


I have emailed the P&G guys and my mail just bounces back over and over...


crud im at the end of my rope....


I know alot of us are, regarding this issue.

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I totally disagree with you, while I do believe that there are people who should spend the $50, I would not believe that it is for the manual order entry system. It is very buggy, having installed it twice.


I look forward to the community coming together and creating a manual order entry system that is a real order entry system, not just a system that takes the admin through the process that the customer goes through.

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey guys, anyone got a manual order system working yet?


waht im trying to do at this time is to choose a patient and have the system open a new window adn push the user email and password into the login function as that patient...


this cannot be this hard?!


anyone have any thoughts?


I have a developer working on this, but so far he has had issue....


thanx for the updates

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Manual order entry part works fine - other parts are major buggy.

Have not tested on MS2 yet.

Will try that tomorrow

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well i tried that module and i officially despise it... here is what im doing to get around it:


1. i set up my store with a master passwrod stored in MySQL.

2. in teh admin section you chose the customer (under customers)

3. on the right hand side it says "log in as"

4. this throws up a login.php in a new window

5. carries that current users email address and master password in a temp cookie

6. drops both items into the login.php new window and logs customer in.


This way i dont need to use that palms and gardens module and minimally editing the oscommerce i can now do manuall order entry..


It seems to work pretty darn good so far...



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