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Changes not showing...


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I'm having a strange problem, hopefully someone can help me.

There are many items I have changed that are not showing up, only on secure pages.

Compare these items on my non-secure login page, vs: my secure login page.

1) in nav. bar, "home" vs: "top"

2) info boxes, not changed position, 'nor removed on secure page

3) "Continue" button not displayed right size on secure page

4) copyright name not changed on secure page

5) date & requests not removed on secure page.


Click here for non secure page

Click here for secure page


I assume that any other changes I make to any php file will have similar results.

I have contacted my server multiple times over the past few weeks in regards to this issue, and they still have come up with nothing.


I would greatly appreciate any input on this matter.

With thanks,


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Does the subdomain that you are running your SSL on have it's own files that need to be edited as well? I haven't seen anyone setup an SSL like that before so I'm not sure how you have it configured.


On a few other notes your checkout payment page doesn't have any payment methods so no one can buy anything (not sure if you're live yet) and there is unauthenticated content in your SSL pages that you should look into as well.

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no seperate files for the subdomain. All other customizations for the secure page that do show up, ie: logo & color were made through the normal files.

I am not live as of yet, however paypal is set up. It shows up for me going to make a purchase... not sure what that is about. I am also aware of the unsecure content, though have had no luck fixing that either.

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I sorted the issue out!

While there was no seperate files for my secure pages, the files were not making the proper association with my IP address/SSL address. (secure.mydomain.com). So I changed my IP address and reissued my SSL cert. to www.mydomain.com.

Now everything is displaying properly. :thumbsup:

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