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Order #'s are messed up and Can't get to orders


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Hey all! I am in a huge jam here. I have a cart set up and I just found out that the order numbers were going right 1, 2, 3, up to 38 and now every order is #12. Not only that but when we go into the admin to retrieve the orders we can't find them. How do I fix this. Thanks!!



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You are probably going to have to get messy with the DB. Install XAMPP or EasyPHP on your computer and using a backup of your site install it on your desktop. Then look at the SQL file for your store in WordPad and you will see something at the bottom of the Orders table that looks like




The Auto Increment part is the NEXT value to be inserted in the the table (your next order number). Your problem probably is there somewhere but remember the Orders table relates to the Customers which relates to the Address Book and the Order Attributes and the list goes on and on so if you change one thing it will break all the others so they ALL have to be changed. This is if most of your order ID's are #12 as you say they are.


I have no idea why it would stop at 38 and then go back to 12 as it shouldn't except for a corrupt table in your DB. If you are only talking about 38 orders it might be easier to remove them ALL from your desktop version, reset everything to do with orders to AUTO_INCREMENT=1 (on the tables that have that), upload your DB again to your desktop version and then manually reinsert the orders from the info you have on your live site or the emails you got from the store. To do that you might need the Master Password contribution to access the customers accounts to create the orders.


This is going to be a messy job so do it on your desktop and NOT on your live store.

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