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I'm in the USA, a fairly new PHP freelancer, do know a little jQuery, AJAX, and PayPal integration, but I'm learning fast and oddly enough I'm already averaging about $6-$7K per month consistently now for 3 months. Things got a little dry here this month, though, and I wanted to be more flexible. So a guy approaches me today with $500 and asks if I can spend like 2-3 days and knock out a knock-off site like...


www . andysautosport . com


He's not concerned that much about looks -- just slap it together so it's functional and connects to a payment gateway like PayPal just as simply as I can make it.


Well, the first thing that came to mind was a video I saw on YouTube recently about osCommerce. I haven't really downloaded and installed it.


So the question for you is -- do you think it's possible for me to get this going with osCommerce in 2-3 days with no knowledge of the product yet?

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I am by no means a developer, I know enough to be dangerous and can generally modify and add simple code bits. I knocked out my latest site with probably under 40 hours of work. The paypal gateway is already installed in osc 2.2 rc2a so that is just a matter of entering account info. I used STS (simple template system) so creating the general layout is 90% html and 5% css and %5 changing php code. The finished product looks great. I like STS because it avoids changing the coding of osc and makes add ons much easier to install down the road.


Is is possible to get up to speed with osc? Takes 5 minutes to install and is rather straight forward to figure out. I knew nothing osc and very little about php last December and im on my second production site. :thumbsup:


Where do you live? I have a 2 month contract opening in San Francisco (I am also an IT recruiter). The manager wants someone to be local though.




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