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Hmmm..editing the breadcrumb appearance?


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If I wanted to put the breadcrumb trail somewhere else, like in an info box, how would I change the appearance so instead of the trail showing like this:




it showed like this:






Any ideas? Any help is appreciated! :)

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You know you can get rid of that if you want. I do it all the time. Here's an example. http://www.partytimeproducts.com/catalog/default.php

Just make a backup of your files and remove some of the code that makes up the breadcrumb navigation. Once you figure out what to remove, just do a global search and replace to remove it from every page. It may not be advised, but I've never had a problem doing this. Hope it helps.

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whenever you call the breadscrumb object to output something you can specify the 'seperator'. Change that into a <br> and you should sort of have what you want:






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And for further control you can use the $breadcrumb->_trail variable, which is an array holding the relevant data.


Look at the trail() method in the class source file to get an idea of whats possible.



:heart:, osCommerce

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