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New Products and Upcoming Products


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I have looked and looked for either a contribution that could do this for me or a post that related to what I was look for, all to no avail.


I have 481 products in the coming soon list. I know that I can go through catalog admin products expected and edit each and every one, and they will come up with Date Available set to 0000-00-00 and I can then click on preview and update and they will then come out of the products expected category. Is there a way a faster way to take them out of that category then doing each one individually? I have learned my lesson on putting anything in the Date Available!!!


I also have have 1,185 products listed in new products. How do I get them out of the new products classification? I haven't found anything on that, other than to delete the code from the php file, which I don't want to do. I want valid new products to show, but only for a while. How do you set the duration for something to be listed as a new product?


If any knows of a contribution or a fix, other than editing it out of the php file please let me know.




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Came across this havent tried it!!!


Since we are onthe subject of new products I have a question/problem.



Suppose I had Clothes as a category

Winter Summer as a subCategory

and Shoes and hats as a further subcategory (clothes/winter/shoes).


When you press on Clothes (root catecory) you get the heading "New products for month" but empty!!!!

winter and summer works ok. Apparently this is because there are NO products under clothes but only categories!!


how can you force the program to look to the deepest categories and get the products for month from there????


(hope this makes sense)

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