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Home Page?


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Hope a kind soul answers this one, for I have a similar question. No doubt very elementary. :rolleyes:


I'm new to this - first time I saw PHP was four days ago, but things are going well with my installation. :lol: However, I don't want the "Home Page" to be "What's New Here?" (in fact I don't need that page at all). I'd like the Home Page to be our contact page, which is working fine on its own. How do I switch them?


Thanks in advance,


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Wendy here again ...


Just a quick update. I installed the Define Mainpage Add-On, which was a little tricky for a newbie, but I got it installed and working within 2 hours. I got error messages until I set the permissions for one of the new files that was clearly stated to need its permissions set (found that I could right-click on the remote file in DreamWeaver and set the permissions right there).


It's not that this add-on is all that terribly useful to me in itself, it turns out, as it merely provides an elementary interface within the Admin functions under Catalog in which one can modify code directly in the home page. Kind of cool, but I'm used to doing that in Dreamweaver - I'm just not used to PHP. The add-on also adds some text to the home page that helps orient you in the file to exactly where you are and what you are changing. This was the useful part for me. The material I originally wanted to get rid of (the "New Products" info) still appeared on the home page, directly beneath this new added text. Thus I was able to find it and surgically extract it. Then it was just a matter of basic HTML work to replace the text with text I wanted, remove some silly little boxes that were also added by the add-on, and tart things up a little bit. So refreshing to be getting somewhere!


I could probably have accomplished the same thing, and maybe more, by just exploring more of the PHP files, and maybe reading a couple more chapters of a big bible of PHP that I bought before starting all this. But why sit around reading when you can get your hands dirty?


If anyone thinks I can be of any help feel free to contact me. Ditto if you think you can help me! :lol:

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One more thing ... I hasten to point out that none of my explorations has answered Scott's question :-" . Nothing I have done has directed already-existing content into the home page. It would indeed be cool to know how to have a category appear on the home page. I know it is possible - anyone done it?

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Here I am again like a dirty shirt..


The "Knowledge Base" section of this community has a document that explains in 30 seconds what it took me hours to discover myself (but I guess it was a learning experience).


This tells you exactly how to remove the "What's New" area from your Home Page.


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