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Free shipping not free! Over $1,000 to refund to customers.


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I have to refund over $1,000 in charges to countless customers because the shopping cart automatically processed all my orders through authorize.net and still charged my customers for shipping when it is supposed to be free for orders over $99.


The invoice and edit pages show no shipping charge but the amount charged seems to be an extra $12- $18.


I'm using the osc build from 11/16.


When the cart is over $99 the customer still has to select a shipping method but the shipping charge is deducted on the confirmation page so I didn't think of this as a problem. Now I think this might be unusal.


Anyone else run into shipping charge problems or have some ideas on how I can stop overcharging customers.

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$1,000    refund

$18        shipping

------- -/-

55.55      orders

-------- *

$99        minimum amount


$5499.99 turnover


Hey... you did well :D

Can you reproduce it? Seems the deduct does not take place in the

actual model the way you describe it...

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Is this only a problem with my site?


I'm going to remove the free shipping option until this problem gets solved but I need to find a solution because offering free shipping on orders over $99 increased larger sales drastically.

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It is not just charging them an average of $12-18.


My customers are being charged with whatever shipping options they select from UPS so in the most recent case OSC shows an invoice with a total of 104.80 and his actual charge was $172.73 probably because he selected overnight shipping.


Why is OSC doing this and how can I keep from manually having to refund customers upwards of $67.93 on a single order.

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You didn't test it before going live with this option?


While many people use OSC 2.2CVS for live stores, it doesn't mean that every feature has been tested or even completed. You need to maintain two installations.. A public one and a test one so you can test every feature to your satisfaction.


I don't see any known bugs listed on the bug report section of this site. If you can reproduce it, you should post a bug report giving as much detail as possible.




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