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The e-commerce.

Nesting entire Oscommerce inside Iframe


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Is this possible? and my next question advisable? Basically I'm addding a store to my already up and running website and am thinking the easiest way to integrate it is bl plonking it avtually inside the existing site itself....



Please tell me if this is a horrible idea which unfortunately I suspect it is, or if it might actually work.







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I did this with a 1and1 E-store, it has worked just fine for four years now. The main issue though is that the main URL for the pages in the e-store appears as the parent frame, and therefor not as https: .The more tech savvy customers notice this and ask why. Within its frame the actual e-store connection is via https, so it IS secure. But of course it does not appear to be so for the end customer.


Of course if the main website and the eCommerce site are hosted on the same server, both via https, no problem?


This is what I have planned for my use of eCommerce (possibly) i.e. replicate what I have now, but host both sites on a dedicated server with global https.





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As long as you don't want your shop to be indexed by Google(and friends) then iframes are fine.

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Excellent, thanks for your comments,



Ideally I'll be looking to hook this up to the HSBC CPI product so doubt customers will worry about the security as 'sensitive' information will filled entered on the bank site. Has anyone successfully implemented a CPI product with OsCommerce?




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