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Navbar Title vs Heading Title


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I'm a total newbie to this, and have tried solving most things by myself. But Ahh!!! >_< I've searched around for hours trying to solve this one. Please could someone guide me through this?


I'm trying to change two things:


1. When you select a category from the home page Categories box (eg Vintage Products), how do I change the Heading Title for the box that opens from displaying the default 'Categories' to the one selected 'Vintage Products'?


2. Then when you further select a sub-category from that 'Vintage Products' (eg Vintage Clothing), how do I change the Navbar breadcrumb [Top-catalog-vinatge products-vintage clothing] to a Heading Title that might read "Vintage Clothing... your granny liked it!"



No offence to anyones granny, I'm just making up stuff to illustrate my point - trying to customise the website categories/sub-categories pages with individual titles?!



I hope this can in fact all be done. Maybe its so easy!? Any suggestions?


Many thanks...


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Thanks M, I had a look at [dynamenu] but I'm hoping for a more hands on approach to changing the titles. Don't want to complicate it.






So ANYBODY else got suggestions? Yes? :-"



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