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Left and Right Column Different Width


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I seems to me that I have seen a thing or two floating around the forums about easy fixes to modify pages .. but I don't exactly recall what they were or all of what they modify. Try searching the contributions area... you just might find something that is easy to change all of your pages at once. If you DO NOT find anything to help you, below is one way that definately will work...means to an end.


The one way I can think of is to add another box width to your code and you will have to manually change the codes in your pages where it calls for either the left or the right column to suit your needs. Here's what I mean:


In includes/application_top.php ... (around line 79 or so..) find the following code:


define('BOX_WIDTH', 125);


Just below that code, add the following code:


define('BOX_WIDTH_2', 125);


Once you have done that.. where you have added BOX_WIDTH_2 you can change the 125 number to what ever you want. As a matter of fact, you can change either width you wish while you're there. Upload your changes.


THEN... in the pages you want to have modified columns.. such as index.php, contact_us.php, product_info.php.. so forth and so on... you will find code such as this:


<?php echo BOX_WIDTH; ?>


One BOX_WIDTH will be used for your left column.. one for your right. Just simply change one of them to BOX_WIDTH_2 and you now have 2 different column widths.


There you have it!!!


Iceman :thumbsup:






Is it possible to have a different width for left and right columns

For example If I want to set left column to 170 and Right to 100


Please guide me. :rolleyes:

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