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Can't seem to login, but system reconizes invalid logins


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I am very new to osCommerce...and not much of a Linux guy. Anyhow, I am moving from one server to another provider. Both are dedicated servers. I have moved over the mySQL database and all of the files and everything seems to be serving properly except for 1 thing. I can add items to the cart as an anonymous (guest) user. When I try to log in on the login.php page, I enter my credentials...and it just kicks me back to the login page with no error message or anything. IF I put in incorrect login info, it will present me with the invaild username/password error.


I did step through the code and it seems to hit the correct login condition, so I figure it is something with sessions and/or cookies.


I have checked the Configure.php files and everything seems ok....so I don't know.


We are still in testing mode on the new server. Could it have something to do with the fact that the domain configured in the configure.php files are not the "real" live domain. For insntance, I have it set up where I take my local HOSTS file on my machine and point it to the IP address of the new server. This way, I can fully test SSL and all of that. So when we want to go live, all I have to do is change DNS.


Any idea where I could look to fix this problem...


Thank you!!



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