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Setting a maximum to the small image width and height


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First a primer: I am using oscommerce 2.2 RC2 with STS


What I want is to set a maximum width and height to the product small image.


In the Admin\configuration\Images:

If I set the Small image width to 100 and Small image height to 0 then it will display the small image with a a maximum width of 100px. However, if an small image has dimensions of Width: 100, Height: 160 then the image is too tall and will display it at 100 x 160


Is there a way to set a maximum limits to width and height to the small image (no larger than 100 for example?)


I understand that there is a contribution for image resize fix available here (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3629/page,35) but it does not work due to an php error. I think it is due to STS.





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You can set your images by hight and not width or the other way around.


If you would like all your images 100px hight then set the height for 100px and leave the width at 0px or if you would like all your images to be 100px in width but the height adjust the use width 100px and the height 0px.

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I set my height 100 and leave width blank. I resize all my images to a height based on multiples of 100.


To fix the problem, when I have a width of an image bigger than the height, I set my canvas area to equal the width (square it up), and pad the color with a complementary or same color as my background. That way it looks more symetrical, and tidy.





However, if I were to do it over again, I would have done the same with my taller images (square them up) so they were centered in the product listing for better symetry down the page. As they are all aligned to the left, like you see above.


Of course, I should be able to easily set the alignment somewhere in the table on the page of the listing. Heh. One day.

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