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Price coming soon....


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Once again I apologize if this is a stupid question, from a newbie non-progammer.


I just had a great experience getting some help on another issue, so I thought I'd open this up and see if it was even possible. I am doing a site for someone that is importing products. She doesn't want to set a price until the items clear customs and she has all her costs figured out, but she want people to know that the products are coming. I need to have a "Price Coming Soon" type of memo instead of a price, but only temporarily.


I've searched the forum and am considering adding one of the contributions that will allow you to set a price of 99999 and then have it switch to a "Call for Price" kind of wording.


My question is would it be possible to set a "Tax Class" of "Price Coming Soon" that could allow for a short text message to be used instead of a tax-percentage multiplier?


I can set the date available at a later date so it shouldn't add to an actual order. It just seems like it would be so much easier later to go back in change it to a taxable product and change the price then, by just using Tax Class as a drop down option in the admin.


Just curious, if somehow this could be an easy fix, or if it's just too incorpated into too many various php files, or if another easy suggestion is avialable.


Thanks in advance.

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