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paypal express checkout integration


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Can you kindly help me about paypal express checkout integration.


My payment module is oscommerce contribution for paypal express checkout

Also I am using correct API details


i have install oscommerce shopping cart and everything work very well and only the problem return URL and Cancel URL not work i mean when customer click confirm the payment or cancel the payment its not returning to my website its cancel url is showing like this (even when he/she does the payment its not returning to my website)




in above URL no any error code just a blank page and if I remove the :443 from url then its returning to shopping cart page so that why I though :443 is the problem. Any idea how :443 adding to URL when retuning from paypal ?



I have realize that :443 would be the problem any idea ?


Please send me email to <snip> or I am online most of the time.


please help me I very appreciating your help



also Do you know API details of Oscommerce to put in paypal grant permission


Best Regards



The redirect back to your SSL enabled page (:443) can be a tricky beast in itself. What happnes if you try to view: https://www.mydomain.com/shopping_cart...<snip> , without the explicit port number direct?


The PayPal functionality of my vanilla (many presentation modifications) install of RC2a works fine, to a point. My clients are complaining that their PayPal account is not showing order details, just totals, yet the bookkeeping at both ends is accomplished.


As their webmaster, I set up osC for them and did some customization, as well as playing helpdesk as they get up to speed administering the application.I never intended to get involved with the financial end. This is not my forte.


There does seem to be some missing functionality in the distribution supplied PayPal modules. I am still researching whether they are buggy, deliberately somewhat disabled (not using some basic available PayPal APIs) or just not completed. I am confused by the plethora of available PayPal modules, and what each is able to do. I have spent several hours auditing code and am about to disable the supplied modules in order to try the PayPal Pro Direct (WPP) module available at 'contributions': http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3647 , to see if this satifies their needs.


I would also like to keep this discussion at the forums as I notice that many others have similar questions that I hope will be answered by someone more informed, even if the questions are not entirely specific.


In all fairness to this wonderful addition to FOSS, your problem with SSL needs to be discussed with your webmaster, PayPal and/or hosting provider, as the implementation specific to your server can only be answered by them.

For ALL problems, please review this link first -> osCommerce Knowledge Base

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