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Newbie help


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Here goes nothing....hope someone can find the time to help.


(Background for me. I know HTML but not PHP)


For visual reference: http://www.fostex.com/catalog/


1.) Whats new here section - I looked at the code and noticed it calling out category_query. Since I don't know PHP, i looked around and found categories.php. I thought somewhere I would find the text that was entered in that section. But nothing was found.


2.) In the Bestsellers Column - There are products in there that are no longer available. I've removed them from the products pages but if you search for them or click the product from the bestsellers column, it still shows a 'buy now' button. How do i remove it completely?


Thats it for now, I'm sure there's more to follow. Thanks in advance for your help.



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As for your 1st question. I don't have any ideas. When I delete product from the system it is deleted from the Best sellers list also.


And your 2nd question. You will find those in the the catalog/includes/language dir. in english.php and in the /english/ dir.



Hope this helps.




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Check the products_status on the sold out products in the Admin, should see the red light.


If the products_status is not set to 0 then it will show in the /boxes/best_sellers.php


If it is set to 0, then check the 2 select statements in the best_sellers.php and make sure they include a p.products_status = '1'

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Hold on a minute here now.....


Fostex is using OSC?!?!


well hot damn fellas... mark another point up for OSC (wait it's Fostex, better mark up another 1,000 points)... :D


*settles down*


ahh... now the questions... sorry I really dunno... from the looks of the site you are running version 2.1??? I run 2.2 and haven't had any experience with 2.1 so I couldn't tell ya...

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- Edmund Burke

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So, How do I upgrade to 2.2 without wiping out my current info?  Is there documentation for this?


The installation module for 2.2 has an upgrade procedure that updates 2.1 databases to 2.2.


If you upgrade your database now to 2.2-CVS make sure you are subscribed to the commits mailing list so that further database changes can be done until 2.2 is finalized.


The database upgrade procedure is as simple as calling http://server/install/ and selecting Upgrade instead of Install.


Ofcourse, do the upgrade first on a backup copy of your database.

:heart:, osCommerce

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