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images not showing up


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when adding products to the store, my images are no longer uploading to the site, does this program limit the amount of images to store, and how can i fix this.

I have not had any problems with the store before, all the images were going in just fine. Then I got to a certain count, and they quit uploading. The one's I had put in previously still work, I had connected to the store via ftp client, went into the images folder and deleted some of the orginal product images, I was able to upload some more photo's until i reached the number of photos that i had deleted. Is there a way to fix this.



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There is no limit to the number of images except with maybe your ftp account or disk space but I don't think you would ever reach those limits. The only thing I can think of is that you have reached the max number of rows in a table in your database. Back up your database and save the file to your computer. Open in word pad and see if there is a really large number at the bottom of any of the tables. It will be in a row such as




It will be something like 3 billion in there.


That is all I have for you.



but if it is happening with ftp also and not allowing you to upload any more than ignore what I just said as it is not your issue then.

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