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need 3 order confirmation emails sent per order


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I have a customer account that has several locations (6). This customer wants to add the shipping address for each location to the customers store account. Thats easy enough. He can just add additional shipping addresses to the account.


Here is what he wants:

When an order is placed by store#1 he wants that store to recieve the order confirmation. He also wants an email sent to the corperate office and to corperate billing dept.


1. each shipping address should have an email associated with it.

2. the main account should have two email address associated with it.

3. when order is placed, 3 order confirmation emails should be sent; 2 to main account emails and 1 to the shipping address email.


Is this possible? Is there already a contribution for this? I have had no luck finding anything. I would love to find a solution before I pay someone to do this for me.

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If these are the only customers of the store you might want to check out Address Enhancer. It will not do what you want but it does redo a lot of the address section and will give you the logic needed to rework osC to meet your needs.


It it is part of a bigger store and they are not the only customer then you can either send the emails manually after the order is placed and received in your inbox ... or ...


hack it into where the emails are sent from and add some if else statements to get the job done.


if customer=1 && address book id = 1


send email here and there


if else customer=1 && address_book_id=2


send email near and far




continue with regular emal

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