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They are by now to the extreme of my forces, are practically two days that I try to make to work module GESTPAY, without no reply. I recover to its clemenza, in order to ask them a small aid, perche creed that, after to have read of all and piu, I find me to a hair from the resolution. Cerchero to explain in short, as I have installed all. 1) I have copied GESTPAY_OTP_IN.PHP and GESTPAY_OTP_OUT.PHP in folder -----------> CATALOG 2) I have copied GESTPAY_OTP.PHP in folder -------------> CATALOG/INCLUDES/MODULES/PAYMENT 3) I have copied GESTPAY_OTP.PHP (for the languages) in folder -------------> CATALOG/INCLUDES/LANGUAGES/ITALIAN/MODULES/PAYMENT ditto for -------------> CATALOG/INCLUDES/LANGUAGES/ENGLISH/MODULES/PAYMENT 4) I have copied folder BANCASELLA in folder ------------> ADMIN 5) I have created folder OTP under the --------->admin/bancasella folder and have copied the rows shoplogin.ric and shoplogin.ris (obviously shoplogin and the shop that it has assigned SADDLEBACK to me "GESPAY01111") 6) Created tables RIC and RIS in MY SQLDB 7) Copied and shaped rows IMPORTA_OTP.PHP 8) Executed the --------->admin/bancasella/importa_otp.php rows ALL OK has imported me the password in the database. 9) I have shaped in the backoffice of http://www.sellanet.it, all which had to be made, after to have read carefully all and consulted all, ACTIVATED ALSO the OTP End I must here say all good 10) I have loaded the module and I have activated it in the section admin, to the appearance all good bringing back the voices: Allow GestPay OTP Payments = 1 Shop Id = GESPAY01111 BANK SADDLEBACK IP = 213,218,53,1 (I do not have idea of that IP address features) 1 PROBLEM Checking out orders expiry 86400 Time = Garbage collection probability = 50 Checking out orders' table = gestpay_otp_orders (Hour where one finds these rows) 2 PROBLEM 11) Faccio my first one aquisto of test, BUT There E' 3 PROBLEM in rows CHECKOUT_PAYMENT.PHP, does not turn out my installed module. WHICH And The TRUE PROBLEM OF THIS MODULE? IT IS In MY INSTALLATION, I HAVE E' SOMETHING OF PIU' There (mine not and a threatening tone: -) PS: I have installed the version osCommerce 2.2-cvs and during the installation I have opted for the session on DB Ringrazio anticipatamente, for the answer that it will want give to me. Salutes from FRANCISCO GOOD NATO THEM

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