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"Current Category" display in Admin


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I'm sure I must be missing something really obvious here, but I've looked and searched and looked again ...


When adding products in Admin, is there any way of seeing at a glance where you are?


eg: You add a product to category1

You then copy it to categories 2, 3, 4 and 5


Depending on how many sub-categories deep you are, it can be easy to forget which one you're editing, and it doesn't seem to say anywhere on the screen.


As always, any help would be much appreciated! :wink:



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Thanks Pierre - The problem I have with that though is that I have several "Duplicate" categories - it's clothing, so we have for instance, an "Outerwear" category in Boys 0-11, Boys 12-23, Boys 2-3, Girls 0-11 etc etc.


The Goto box does show Outerwear, but to see "which" Outerwear category, you have to pull down the list (and if you're not careful you end up having to scroll up and down to figure out which sub category you're in).


What I was really meaning was something more "static" on the main screen showing 2-3 > Boys> Outerwear or similar.


Anyone any ideas?

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