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New scroling infoboxes creation?


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Hello all you OSCers,


With this topic i would like to solve a problem which i have and also make (with your kind answers) a faq of how to create new infoboxes for our eshops or even a contribution will evolve from this

I know that is a big help that i am asking from you but this will help me and many others that are not familiar with php and sql


so here it is




you can view my eshop at .:: Hellenic Paintball Supplies ::. to get a general idea of what i want to do


I need to create 2 new infoboxes

First infobox is about the fields that are sponsored by my shop

Second is about teams that are sponsored by my shop


both of them must have the following attributes :

1. image or logo

2. clicking on the image is to open a new tab (or window)

3 has to be scroling because are more than one


this info boxes as i figured will include an admin side module (?) so i could add items (image titles and links) for each infobox ( that means SQL) and also the catalogue side(the actual infobox itself)




The solution to all this (imho) i think has to be something like this :


Create a table in SQL for each infobox named xxxxx_BOX with ID / IMAGE / LINK fields in it

Create the admin side so someone can enter values to the above fields (selecting the infobox maybe)

Create the actual scroling infobox based for example on the Web 2.0 Scrolling Specials contribution

define the languages for the new infobox

insert the new infobox using the STS contribution or any other way that you could think of


The problem is that i am not familliar (as i would like to be) with php and sql and i am afraid that i will mesh things up


Thank you very much and in advance for your great help


PS i searched the forum for "create infobox" and i could not find anything similar if someone has seen a topic that could help me please post it


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You could email me, am not an expert but I think I could help you. My website address is in my profile, you can either use my email address which is Richard@ or the form on the contact page.

(You can also add me to MSN Messenger using the above email address as it would be easier to talk on!)

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