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Host Specific Problems (verio)


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Hello osCommerce world...


Hopefully... there is someone out there who has osCommerce working on a Verio VPS server. I have installed the package of OScommerce I am working with on 5 machines local and test accounts I have in other places. The problem I am experience on this verio server is that the site is completely misbehaving - the template doesn't load fully (only sometimes) I click on a product and detail pages don't appear or your redirect to the login page, among other strangeness. Now - php is not generating errors - so this server thinks that everything it is showing is proper and its not. I know php, mysql and apache are all performing fine independent of each other. I am just having NO luck other wise... and this is a pretty simple install on the other machines I have set it up on. - I have tried a ton of different configurations, downgrading php and more. For what is worth - all my other installs were linux based - the Verio server uses FreeBSD, which I don't think is an issue really, but I'm out of answers here. Basically, nothing is erroring, but nothing is working properly either. go figure!


Help is appreciated!

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