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The e-commerce.

How do I...Remove...


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SCRAP THAT > The image all together at the bottom of the page (the footer)...?? < FOUND IT (Somewhere else)


BUT now i have noticed this:




What have I done and how do I fix it?

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ok so i'm off to bed...would like very much to wake up to the answer lol...not entirely sure what I have changed where but for some reason these "BOX_HEADING_" bits have appeared. Thanks in advance.

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Everything that is missing should be defined in your /admin/includes/languages/english.php


See what it says.


Mine looks like this:


 $Id: english.php,v 1.106 2003/06/20 00:18:31 hpdl Exp $

 osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

 Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce

 Released under the GNU General Public License

// look in your $PATH_LOCALE/locale directory for available locales..
// on RedHat6.0 I used 'en_US'
// on FreeBSD 4.0 I use 'en_US.ISO_8859-1'
// this may not work under win32 environments..
setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_US.ISO_8859-1');
define('DATE_FORMAT_SHORT', '%m/%d/%Y');  // this is used for strftime()
define('DATE_FORMAT_LONG', '%A %d %B, %Y'); // this is used for strftime()
define('DATE_FORMAT', 'm/d/Y'); // this is used for date()
define('PHP_DATE_TIME_FORMAT', 'm/d/Y H:i:s'); // this is used for date()

// Return date in raw format
// $date should be in format mm/dd/yyyy
// raw date is in format YYYYMMDD, or DDMMYYYY
function tep_date_raw($date, $reverse = false) {
 if ($reverse) {
return substr($date, 3, 2) . substr($date, 0, 2) . substr($date, 6, 4);
 } else {
return substr($date, 6, 4) . substr($date, 0, 2) . substr($date, 3, 2);

// Global entries for the <html> tag
define('HTML_PARAMS','dir="ltr" lang="en"');

// charset for web pages and emails
define('CHARSET', 'iso-8859-1');

// page title
define('TITLE', 'osCommerce');

// header text in includes/header.php
define('HEADER_TITLE_TOP', 'Administration');
define('HEADER_TITLE_SUPPORT_SITE', 'Support Site');
define('HEADER_TITLE_ONLINE_CATALOG', 'Online Catalog');
define('HEADER_TITLE_ADMINISTRATION', 'Administration');

// text for gender
define('MALE', 'Male');
define('FEMALE', 'Female');

// text for date of birth example
define('DOB_FORMAT_STRING', 'mm/dd/yyyy');

// configuration box text in includes/boxes/configuration.php
define('BOX_HEADING_CONFIGURATION', 'Configuration');

// modules box text in includes/boxes/modules.php
define('BOX_HEADING_MODULES', 'Modules');
define('BOX_MODULES_PAYMENT', 'Payment');
define('BOX_MODULES_SHIPPING', 'Shipping');
define('BOX_MODULES_ORDER_TOTAL', 'Order Total');

// categories box text in includes/boxes/catalog.php
define('BOX_HEADING_CATALOG', 'Catalog');
define('BOX_CATALOG_CATEGORIES_PRODUCTS', 'Categories/Products');
define('BOX_CATALOG_MANUFACTURERS', 'Manufacturers');
define('BOX_CATALOG_REVIEWS', 'Reviews');
define('BOX_CATALOG_SPECIALS', 'Specials');
define('BOX_CATALOG_PRODUCTS_EXPECTED', 'Products Expected');

// customers box text in includes/boxes/customers.php
define('BOX_HEADING_CUSTOMERS', 'Customers');
define('BOX_CUSTOMERS_CUSTOMERS', 'Customers');
define('BOX_CUSTOMERS_ORDERS', 'Orders');

// taxes box text in includes/boxes/taxes.php
define('BOX_HEADING_LOCATION_AND_TAXES', 'Locations / Taxes');
define('BOX_TAXES_COUNTRIES', 'Countries');
define('BOX_TAXES_ZONES', 'Zones');
define('BOX_TAXES_GEO_ZONES', 'Tax Zones');
define('BOX_TAXES_TAX_CLASSES', 'Tax Classes');
define('BOX_TAXES_TAX_RATES', 'Tax Rates');

// reports box text in includes/boxes/reports.php
define('BOX_HEADING_REPORTS', 'Reports');
define('BOX_REPORTS_PRODUCTS_VIEWED', 'Products Viewed');
define('BOX_REPORTS_PRODUCTS_PURCHASED', 'Products Purchased');
define('BOX_REPORTS_ORDERS_TOTAL', 'Customer Orders-Total');

// tools text in includes/boxes/tools.php
define('BOX_HEADING_TOOLS', 'Tools');
define('BOX_TOOLS_BACKUP', 'Database Backup');
define('BOX_TOOLS_BANNER_MANAGER', 'Banner Manager');
define('BOX_TOOLS_CACHE', 'Cache Control');
define('BOX_TOOLS_DEFINE_LANGUAGE', 'Define Languages');
define('BOX_TOOLS_FILE_MANAGER', 'File Manager');
define('BOX_TOOLS_MAIL', 'Send Email');
define('BOX_TOOLS_NEWSLETTER_MANAGER', 'Newsletter Manager');
define('BOX_TOOLS_SERVER_INFO', 'Server Info');
define('BOX_TOOLS_WHOS_ONLINE', 'Who\'s Online');

// localizaion box text in includes/boxes/localization.php
define('BOX_HEADING_LOCALIZATION', 'Localization');
define('BOX_LOCALIZATION_CURRENCIES', 'Currencies');
define('BOX_LOCALIZATION_LANGUAGES', 'Languages');
define('BOX_LOCALIZATION_ORDERS_STATUS', 'Orders Status');

// javascript messages
define('JS_ERROR', 'Errors have occured during the process of your form!\nPlease make the following corrections:\n\n');

define('JS_OPTIONS_VALUE_PRICE', '* The new product atribute needs a price value\n');
define('JS_OPTIONS_VALUE_PRICE_PREFIX', '* The new product atribute needs a price prefix\n');

define('JS_PRODUCTS_NAME', '* The new product needs a name\n');
define('JS_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION', '* The new product needs a description\n');
define('JS_PRODUCTS_PRICE', '* The new product needs a price value\n');
define('JS_PRODUCTS_WEIGHT', '* The new product needs a weight value\n');
define('JS_PRODUCTS_QUANTITY', '* The new product needs a quantity value\n');
define('JS_PRODUCTS_MODEL', '* The new product needs a model value\n');
define('JS_PRODUCTS_IMAGE', '* The new product needs an image value\n');

define('JS_SPECIALS_PRODUCTS_PRICE', '* A new price for this product needs to be set\n');

define('JS_GENDER', '* The \'Gender\' value must be chosen.\n');
define('JS_FIRST_NAME', '* The \'First Name\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_LAST_NAME', '* The \'Last Name\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_LAST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_DOB', '* The \'Date of Birth\' entry must be in the format: xx/xx/xxxx (month/date/year).\n');
define('JS_EMAIL_ADDRESS', '* The \'E-Mail Address\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_ADDRESS', '* The \'Street Address\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_POST_CODE', '* The \'Post Code\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_CITY', '* The \'City\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_CITY_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_STATE', '* The \'State\' entry is must be selected.\n');
define('JS_STATE_SELECT', '-- Select Above --');
define('JS_ZONE', '* The \'State\' entry must be selected from the list for this country.');
define('JS_COUNTRY', '* The \'Country\' value must be chosen.\n');
define('JS_TELEPHONE', '* The \'Telephone Number\' entry must have at least ' . ENTRY_TELEPHONE_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');
define('JS_PASSWORD', '* The \'Password\' amd \'Confirmation\' entries must match amd have at least ' . ENTRY_PASSWORD_MIN_LENGTH . ' characters.\n');

define('JS_ORDER_DOES_NOT_EXIST', 'Order Number %s does not exist!');

define('CATEGORY_PERSONAL', 'Personal');
define('CATEGORY_ADDRESS', 'Address');
define('CATEGORY_CONTACT', 'Contact');
define('CATEGORY_COMPANY', 'Company');
define('CATEGORY_OPTIONS', 'Options');

define('ENTRY_GENDER', 'Gender:');
define('ENTRY_GENDER_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">required</span>');
define('ENTRY_FIRST_NAME', 'First Name:');
define('ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_FIRST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_LAST_NAME', 'Last Name:');
define('ENTRY_LAST_NAME_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_LAST_NAME_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH', 'Date of Birth:');
define('ENTRY_DATE_OF_BIRTH_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">(eg. 05/21/1970)</span>');
define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS', 'E-Mail Address:');
define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_CHECK_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">The email address doesn\'t appear to be valid!</span>');
define('ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ERROR_EXISTS', ' <span class="errorText">This email address already exists!</span>');
define('ENTRY_COMPANY', 'Company name:');
define('ENTRY_COMPANY_ERROR', '');
define('ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS', 'Street Address:');
define('ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_STREET_ADDRESS_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_SUBURB', 'Suburb:');
define('ENTRY_SUBURB_ERROR', '');
define('ENTRY_POST_CODE', 'Post Code:');
define('ENTRY_POST_CODE_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_CITY', 'City:');
define('ENTRY_CITY_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_CITY_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_STATE', 'State:');
define('ENTRY_STATE_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">required</span>');
define('ENTRY_COUNTRY', 'Country:');
define('ENTRY_COUNTRY_ERROR', '');
define('ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER', 'Telephone Number:');
define('ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_ERROR', ' <span class="errorText">min ' . ENTRY_TELEPHONE_MIN_LENGTH . ' chars</span>');
define('ENTRY_FAX_NUMBER', 'Fax Number:');
define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER', 'Newsletter:');
define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER_YES', 'Subscribed');
define('ENTRY_NEWSLETTER_NO', 'Unsubscribed');

// images
define('IMAGE_ANI_SEND_EMAIL', 'Sending E-Mail');
define('IMAGE_BACK', 'Back');
define('IMAGE_BACKUP', 'Backup');
define('IMAGE_CANCEL', 'Cancel');
define('IMAGE_CONFIRM', 'Confirm');
define('IMAGE_COPY', 'Copy');
define('IMAGE_COPY_TO', 'Copy To');
define('IMAGE_DETAILS', 'Details');
define('IMAGE_DELETE', 'Delete');
define('IMAGE_EDIT', 'Edit');
define('IMAGE_EMAIL', 'Email');
define('IMAGE_FILE_MANAGER', 'File Manager');
define('IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_GREEN', 'Active');
define('IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_GREEN_LIGHT', 'Set Active');
define('IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_RED', 'Inactive');
define('IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_RED_LIGHT', 'Set Inactive');
define('IMAGE_ICON_INFO', 'Info');
define('IMAGE_INSERT', 'Insert');
define('IMAGE_LOCK', 'Lock');
define('IMAGE_MODULE_INSTALL', 'Install Module');
define('IMAGE_MODULE_REMOVE', 'Remove Module');
define('IMAGE_MOVE', 'Move');
define('IMAGE_NEW_BANNER', 'New Banner');
define('IMAGE_NEW_CATEGORY', 'New Category');
define('IMAGE_NEW_COUNTRY', 'New Country');
define('IMAGE_NEW_CURRENCY', 'New Currency');
define('IMAGE_NEW_FILE', 'New File');
define('IMAGE_NEW_FOLDER', 'New Folder');
define('IMAGE_NEW_LANGUAGE', 'New Language');
define('IMAGE_NEW_NEWSLETTER', 'New Newsletter');
define('IMAGE_NEW_PRODUCT', 'New Product');
define('IMAGE_NEW_TAX_CLASS', 'New Tax Class');
define('IMAGE_NEW_TAX_RATE', 'New Tax Rate');
define('IMAGE_NEW_TAX_ZONE', 'New Tax Zone');
define('IMAGE_NEW_ZONE', 'New Zone');
define('IMAGE_ORDERS', 'Orders');
define('IMAGE_ORDERS_INVOICE', 'Invoice');
define('IMAGE_ORDERS_PACKINGSLIP', 'Packing Slip');
define('IMAGE_PREVIEW', 'Preview');
define('IMAGE_RESTORE', 'Restore');
define('IMAGE_RESET', 'Reset');
define('IMAGE_SAVE', 'Save');
define('IMAGE_SEARCH', 'Search');
define('IMAGE_SELECT', 'Select');
define('IMAGE_SEND', 'Send');
define('IMAGE_SEND_EMAIL', 'Send Email');
define('IMAGE_UNLOCK', 'Unlock');
define('IMAGE_UPDATE', 'Update');
define('IMAGE_UPDATE_CURRENCIES', 'Update Exchange Rate');
define('IMAGE_UPLOAD', 'Upload');

define('ICON_CROSS', 'False');
define('ICON_CURRENT_FOLDER', 'Current Folder');
define('ICON_DELETE', 'Delete');
define('ICON_ERROR', 'Error');
define('ICON_FILE', 'File');
define('ICON_FILE_DOWNLOAD', 'Download');
define('ICON_FOLDER', 'Folder');
define('ICON_LOCKED', 'Locked');
define('ICON_PREVIOUS_LEVEL', 'Previous Level');
define('ICON_PREVIEW', 'Preview');
define('ICON_STATISTICS', 'Statistics');
define('ICON_SUCCESS', 'Success');
define('ICON_TICK', 'True');
define('ICON_UNLOCKED', 'Unlocked');
define('ICON_WARNING', 'Warning');

// constants for use in tep_prev_next_display function
define('TEXT_RESULT_PAGE', 'Page %s of %d');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_BANNERS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> banners)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_COUNTRIES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> countries)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_CUSTOMERS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> customers)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_CURRENCIES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> currencies)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_LANGUAGES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> languages)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_MANUFACTURERS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> manufacturers)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_NEWSLETTERS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> newsletters)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ORDERS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> orders)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ORDERS_STATUS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> orders status)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> products)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS_EXPECTED', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> products expected)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_REVIEWS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> product reviews)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_SPECIALS', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> products on special)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_TAX_CLASSES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> tax classes)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_TAX_ZONES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> tax zones)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_TAX_RATES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> tax rates)');
define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ZONES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> zones)');

define('PREVNEXT_BUTTON_PREV', '<<');
define('PREVNEXT_BUTTON_NEXT', '>>');

define('TEXT_DEFAULT', 'default');
define('TEXT_SET_DEFAULT', 'Set as default');
define('TEXT_FIELD_REQUIRED', ' <span class="fieldRequired">* Required</span>');

define('ERROR_NO_DEFAULT_CURRENCY_DEFINED', 'Error: There is currently no default currency set. Please set one at: Administration Tool->Localization->Currencies');

define('TEXT_CACHE_CATEGORIES', 'Categories Box');
define('TEXT_CACHE_MANUFACTURERS', 'Manufacturers Box');
define('TEXT_CACHE_ALSO_PURCHASED', 'Also Purchased Module');

define('TEXT_NONE', '--none--');
define('TEXT_TOP', 'Top');

define('ERROR_DESTINATION_DOES_NOT_EXIST', 'Error: Destination does not exist.');
define('ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_WRITEABLE', 'Error: Destination not writeable.');
define('ERROR_FILE_NOT_SAVED', 'Error: File upload not saved.');
define('ERROR_FILETYPE_NOT_ALLOWED', 'Error: File upload type not allowed.');
define('SUCCESS_FILE_SAVED_SUCCESSFULLY', 'Success: File upload saved successfully.');
define('WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED', 'Warning: No file uploaded.');
define('WARNING_FILE_UPLOADS_DISABLED', 'Warning: File uploads are disabled in the php.ini configuration file.');





It would be much safer to just search this file for any missing items you might have and add them individually.


I STRONGLY recommend making backups of ANYTHING before attempting ANY edits.

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


"Given enough impetus a parallelogramatically shaped projectile can egress a circular orifice."

- Me -


"Headers already sent" - The definitive help


"Cannot redeclare ..." - How to find/fix it


SSL Implementation Help


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