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Multiple Prices for a Product


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I have been searching for a while and haven't been able to find anything that will help me with what I need.


I am running a business where we have 3 levels of pricing.

1. Retail Price

2. Wholesale Price

3. Our Price


I am looking for a way to put customers into groups so that only that group can see that price that they are qualified for.


Anyone point me in the right direction on which contributions I should use for this? I am PHP savvy, just not OSCommerce savvy, yet.



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Seperate Pricing Per Customer


I don't know anything about that mod, just that it's there.


I suggested it to someone else a while back, and at least one other person "chimed in" and said that they had successfully installed it.

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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"Headers already sent" - The definitive help


"Cannot redeclare ..." - How to find/fix it


SSL Implementation Help


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