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Image Gallery contribution nearly completed but stuck


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After searching hi and low for a means of showing additional product images in my osCommerce listings it became clear that what I wanted did not exist (at least exactly as I wanted it) in current osCommerce contributions.


The Criteria was a quick and easy means to upload several images with these images then auto-generated into an image gallery slideshow complete with clickable thumbnails.


The image gallery would be linked to the product listings via an image gallery icon with a link back from the image gallery to the specific listing. See an example of the image gallery: HERE


To accomplish all of this; folder/directory creation and file editing capabilities were necessary. Another nice touch would be a single image upload that returned the image URL for placing individual images in listings where an image gallery was not necessary (via <img src=)


By cobbling together a number of open source PHP scripts, then editing, hacking and slashing the uneeded portions, I have it just about done and it is working perfectly but . . . I'm stuck on the stupidest of things. The "image gallery manager" (working title), which performs most of the tasks associated with this project only uploads files one at a time. I want to upload 6 at a time.


After pulling my hair out for a number of hours attempting to edit the PHP code to make this change and not being able to figure it out, it is my hope that another set of eyes will see what I am unable to see. Aside from this however, everything works as it should, this contribution awaits only documentation.


The image below should give a clear idea of what I am speaking of:



So far, I have integrated this project into my store admin by simply adding a link. See image below:



If anyone would like to take a stab at adding the multiple file upload capability, leave a reply here and I will make the files available to you.



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