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New users are in database but can't get to their account?


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Hi Guys - I'm a little miffed as to why most of our customers have no trouble signing up at all, but a small few can't even get passed the login screen.


For example - Today, a woman signed up and was directed to the login screen. She received the welcome email fine, but when she put her name and password in it returned an error for invalid email/password combination.


I checked to see if she was a customer in the admin panel and she was. I tried to log in with her information and got the same error message. I then re-signed up a "test" account with her same email and it accepted it. One would think that duplicate emails are not allowed?


Apparently when she signed up, the cart took all of her information but didn't activate her account as it acted like there was no record of it. There have been a small percentage of people all complaining of the same problem.



Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!




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I am having a similar problem with version 2.2rc2a.


When I try to log-in as a returning customer, I get an error that states:

Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password.


I can reset the password using forgotten password feature, when I try the new password, it still fails with same error.


Any idea why I cannot login as a returning customer?




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I have the exact same problem with a selected few customers.


I even tried resetting the password directly through phpmyadmin, by editing the customer, then generating a new password hashed by MD5.


Still get the same error.


It puzzles me, because this is not logical at all. Must be a function in osc messing it up?

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