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The e-commerce.

Can anyone tell me which contribution I need please!!


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I'm base in the UK and the couriers I use have divided the country into 4 zones (A, B, C and D ) according to postcode. It uses the first or the first two letters of the postcode e.g. if the postcode is EC1 then just EC or N1 then just using N. I have put the entire postcode as each separate zone on OScommerce and that took me about an hour or so as there are about 123 different one.


The company charges according to weight and it goes from 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and over 10kg is charged at a fixed amount for each kilos.


There are also different shipping methods e.g. Next day, next day by noon, next day evening?etc, base on the same way but different pricing.


Is there any shipping contribution that will work for this it?

Please help!

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You could do this with the table rate module. Create a copy of it for each different zone and shipping method, then just add the relevant weights and prices to each one.


Personally, I always keep shipping as simple as possible. The more options you have, the longer it takes to setup and administer, plus it can get confusing for customers if you have a lot of options.


I'm interested in knowing what shipping company has such a complicated charging structure though - who is it? Is it something to do with what you are selling?



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Our forum rules explicitly state that cross-posting is not allowed.


Therefore I will lock this thread and ask those that want to answer to do it here:




Please read the forum rules. They have been written for a reason.

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