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Applying mass Attributes


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I have about 1000 products that all need the same attributes applying to them, theres 5 different options.


Is there an easy way to do it, currently creating an sql file and doing it that way but its taking me ages to go through typing all the product id's in(having to do it 5 times) :(


Searched the forum but couldnt see anything.



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You have discovered one of the more serious limitations of this project. It's handling of attributes has basically been unchanged since the beginning. There are a number of contributions that can help, but many are non-trivial to install if you are not comfortable with PHP or making changes to your database schema.


I have not looked at any of the Excel unload/load contributions to see if they support attributes, but that might be one way around this.


It takes me all day to add 20 products to the store. Some of my products can have dozens of attributes. It's very frustrating.



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The attribute grid by David Garcia Watkins is IMHO the best available solution at this point. It is called Alternative Attribute Handling and will give you a grid with checkboxes for each attribute you have in the 'add new product' section in the admin.




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  • 4 years later...

Hi all.

I have serious doubt with the entire attributes system.


in my shop, each product has about 25 attributes. Some of them have up to 30 options (i am not creazy, i am selling prescription lenses!)


Now, because the system the way it is now make me save EACH option for EACH attributes for EACH product, my attributes table has about 260 options for each product. is already about to blow.


according to my understanding of the problem, i should build a template of attributues(and related options) then apply it to the selected articles.

so i shouldnt have a product_to_attributesOptions any more, but a product_to_template only.


when i display product_info.php i should load all the information related to the product + all the attributes in the linked template. thats it.


I am wrong? am i missing any important information in my logic?


please advice on this. Please let me know if any one has worked on this before.


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  • 1 month later...

i am looking for the same "mass attribute" module. Any one?


my purpose is i have 8000 products now in db and would like to start giving out free gifts. Will take me ages to add attribute 1 by 1 ... will be good to add 1 attribute option based on category or to allow us to select based on "tick box"!

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  • 5 months later...

I'm in the same boat and I'm going to try the Alternative Attribute Handling thing... Hopefully that sorts out my problem.


If not, I may have to entirely switch stores. Having to add attributes will seriously add 3 weeks to this project. Some items have over 30 different options.

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Alternative Attribute Handling works well for me but I have one reservation...


I keep hearing about a cap on the number of product attributes you can have in a store... Is this true? If so, what's the number? This could cause me some serious problems if it's true.

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I've installed Alternative Attribute Handling and the concept looks great. Unfortunately what I select doesn't correlate with what gets saved. For example, I just selected ALL the attributes from one product type and saved it, and I ended up with the last 1/4 of the list unticked but two different attribute types I didn't select with all their products ticked.


Just now I went back into the normal attributes addition screen and added a couple more that were getting missed out. Then back into the grid view and they were selected, all good so far, so I saved it and went back in, and found that while they were still selected, the 15 or so preceding attributes were now magically unselected!


Any ideas? The only thing I changed was to display the products alphabetically.

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  • 1 month later...

I've installed this, as I have a 200 product catalog and dozens of attribute options for each.


When I submit any products, I get this error-


1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1


insert into products_attributes values ('', '47', '2', '6', '20', '+')





Any help? I'm supposed to launch this thing at night and I'm already limping along with a non-working cc gateway and UPS estimates as flat rate instead of real time... thanks!

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